Conveyancing and Land Law

We have consistently been engaged in a myriad of conveyancing work since our founding in March 1972, and can provide you with the advice and service to ensure a smooth transaction. The conveyancing work that we carry out includes:

  • Purchase, sale and mortgage of property (industrial and commercial) for individuals and companies;
  • Purchase, sale and mortgage of residential property (HDB and private) for individuals and companies;
  • Redemption of mortgage (ie. getting back the title deed from the mortgagee bank);
  • Refinancing of existing mortgage;
  • Decoupling;
  • Transfer of property pursuant to a divorce order of court;
  • Transfer of property pursuant to Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration;
  • Sale of shares in a company owning any real estate; and
  • Severance of joint ownership and related work.

Helping you navigate the complexities of conveyancing

Conveyancing transactions involve numerous laws, rules and regulations. Our conveyancing lawyers have extensive experience with these transactions, and together with our support staff, can guide you through the whole process. In particular, we are able to assist with conveyances of property pursuant to a divorce order of court to ensure that each party receives what they are entitled to. Should the orders be unworkable or require changes, we can also assist former spouses to obtain variations of the orders in question so that the sale, purchase or transfer of the property can go through as required. If you need help with conveyancing please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 96922522 or email with your questions or enquiries.