Representation in Business, Civil, Commercial and Criminal Litigation Matters

We represent individuals and businesses in a variety of general litigation matters and at all court levels.

Our areas of practice in litigation include:

  • General debt recovery and enforcement proceedings;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Property or Land-related disputes (e.g. disputes between neighbours or between an owner and contractor);
  • Landlord and tenant disputes (e.g. recovery of rental, distress and recovery of tenanted premises); 
  • Proceedings of the winding up of companies;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Shareholders’ disputes;
  • Contentious estate claims;
  • Criminal defence; and
  • Tortious claims (e.g. personal injury claims, claims for negligent or intentional conduct).

Our approach to litigation:

While we are not afraid to carry a matter all the way to trial and to appeal, we are first of all committed to pursuing our clients’ interests. Fighting a claim the whole way in the courts is not always the best solution, and aggressive litigation should only be used when necessary. In certain circumstances, it may be more beneficial to avoid litigation altogether. We are ready to assist our clients through negotiations and mediation to resolve matters in a timely manner if that can lead to the most desirable outcome for our clients. Our experienced litigation lawyer is able to evaluate the risks and costs in starting or defending a court action, and allow our clients to make an informed decision on how to proceed in a dispute. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 96922522 or email with your questions or enquiries.